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Brother, keep it down!

Characters: Gabriel, Sam, Cas, Dean
Rating: I guess…R. But it’s not graphic…just…loud…;)
Genre and/or Pairing: Established Dean/Cas, Sam/Gabriel
Spoilers: None…as long as you know who Gabriel is you’re good to go!
Warnings: Loud sex!!
Word Count: 869
Summary: Written for [personal profile] princess_aleera, who requested something schmoopy to make up for killing Cas in my fic, ( Should have seen it coming )! I felt bad so here it is hun! Hope you like! Her prompt was: A Winchester and an angel(your choice) is having loud, kinky sex next door. Loud, as in 'angel nr 2 can hear their thoughts and EW he did not wanna know that like EVER'- loud. Awkwardness and comfort from the other Winchester ensues. Hope this is what you had in mind hun!

( Brother, keep it down! )